About the Artist

Artist Biography

Traveling abroad was what ignited my passion for photography. Starting with my first overseas trip to Europe in 1995, I was the one in the group that was always lagging behind to take just one more picture of the amazing architecture, beautiful scenery or amusing graffiti we happened to stumble upon on our many adventures. I am fortunate enough to have traveled through England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Austria, Spain, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Greece and Turkey, as well as 98% of the US states.

With each photo or collage, I’m inspired to capture images that will bring serenity or wonder, remind you of a perfect moment in time, or show you something new that you may not have seen before. Digital and abstract artists, sculptures, spiritual leaders and music help influence my creations. The world itself with all its diversity moves me to capture its beauty and mood forever. I believe that great photography requires a passion for creating a view perhaps even more perfect than reality itself. The latest developments in technology make these goals delightfully more effective with each passing year.

As a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and various music, journalism and feng shui programs, I have developed an appreciation for pattern, symmetry and structure. Although I am fascinated with all areas of photography, I most enjoy taking statue, architecture, product, and travel photos. I hope my work inspires you to explore the world and enjoy all the beautiful possibilities it has to offer!

Artist Q&A

What most inspires your creations?

While I have a lot of different inspirations…my friends, traveling, spirituality, interior design, web design, music, architecture, and memories…I really want to create something that is uniquely from my perspective. When I’m in “creation mode”, I am focused on searching within myself for a vision that is what I want to express to the world from everything beautiful that I’ve seen.

What vision are you expressing?

The beauty that I see all around me: the intricate details on a building or in a carving, the natural symmetry of a maple leaf, or the lightness of a cloud. When I’m content traveling, or when a spiritual quote leads me towards acceptance with a stressful situation, those are the feelings that I’m trying to relay with my work. I love that feeling of ease or serenity.

What is your definition of beauty?

I think it usually starts with the balance and harmony of a high level of symmetry, as I’ve mentioned. Whether it’s my love of mathematics, music, or design, I’m drawn to the perfection and simplicity of symmetry. So much of the natural world is asymmetrical, that when you stumble upon the unexpected hexagonal symmetry in the rock formations of the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, or the radial symmetry of a starfish, a sand dollar, or a snowflake, it is visually transfixing to me. In the man-made world, symmetry is everywhere: the architecture of high rises, the radial symmetry of mandalas, and the perfect circles and squares of common tableware. I like to take natural elements and their normal asymmetrical patterns and add some elements of perfected digital design to enclose or add a modern perfection to the work.

What is upcoming projects are on the horizon for you?

I’m planning to redo some of the pieces that I’ve created that have not been printed to canvas yet. That is one of the biggest appeals of working in digital for me. I can easily add new elements to a piece, play with color, size ,and textures. Technology is always leaping forward, so new digital brushes, effects, treatments, and filters are available. Design in pop culture is another area where I find beauty: the perfect curves of 3D animation, the patterns of a room divider, the scale in anime, or the colors in graffiti.

What is the art scene like in the Bay Area?

Oakland had the biggest art scene, which has been growing tremendously over the four years that I’ve lived in the area. Art Murmur takes place near downtown Oakland on the first Friday of each month. It used to be seasonal, but has grown so large that it is now year round. Thousands of people slowly squeeze their way through the various galleries, warehouse collectives, and streets. They’ve added a mellower version every Saturday afternoon as well. Delicious food trucks and wonderfully weird street performers have been joining the mix in increasing numbers. You’ll find street art (graffiti, tattoo, zine), crafts (jewelry, fashion, housewares), installation, ceramic, photography, and a wide variety of modern, often creepy, art.